The Wedding of Alex and Bill

Alex and Bill met as high school students in 2009. Bill’s first impression of Alex was that she was hardworking and always wanted to be as involved as possible in the community. Alex’s first impression of Bill was that he was a little strange, but she came to appreciate it. In 12th grade, they were both placed on a team for a year-long school competition. They spent a lot of time working together, and after the competition was over they realized they still wanted to be a team.

Even though graduation and college were only a few months away, they went on their first date to Starbucks in the spring. Even though their schools were 1,000 miles apart, Alex and Bill remained a team throughout college. They visited as often as possible, and when Alex started law school she returned to Missouri while Bill studied for the CPA exam. Following the wedding, they look forward to supporting each other’s careers and spending more time together than ever.